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Designed to empower the soul and enlighten you to FEEL good about WHO you are and grow your business!

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Be Inspired, Be Educated, Be Supported at our online and live events with some of the most amazing teachers, coaches, authors, healers, experts available!


Discover Your Life’s Purpose with Kelly Sayers

Choose from a variety of events and courses to suit what your heart truly desires



Discover Your Life’s Purpose & Become a Certified 5Ps Coach

Spiritual Life Coach can help you…Discover your life’s purpose and manifest your highest path into reality. Awaken Your Spiritual Gifts and develop your unique skills & natural talents, set value-based goals and create the life you love. Learn how to develop action plans to achieve goals easily!

Master What Matters to You and Gain Credibility

Take back your Power & become more productive, more satisfaction, more drive with your business thriving. Uncover hidden challenges, & fears and doubts that maybe holding you back. Receive masterful coaching and mentoring to keep you ahead of the rest.

Collaborate effortlessly with Self Discovery Network

Employees, clients, vendors or consultants, nearby or from remote locations, all can work together seamlessly with a set of collaboration tools.

Create More Income for a Better Lifestyle

Increase your productivity in your business with a business plan, intuitive ideas, mind mapping and learning the spiritual laws for creating money from the inside-out approach.

Accelerate Your Career Success Attract Your Perfect Customers

Get the clarity about your coaching “niche” and the products and services you provide. When you are clear on the benefits you give others, its easy to find them. “You don’t attract what you want, you attract WHO you are Being!”
I highly recommend to you Kelly’s Coaching Programs & Workshops and to anyone that need guidance to get to the next step: in life, in business and to feel empowered motivated to fulfil your life’s purpose

Susana Lopez Spiritual Life Coach / USA Published Author & Fitness Trainer

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